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"When we heal our invisible wounds we return to Undistorted Light,

our natural state of

abundance, love and bliss"

Laura Sender 

My purpose is to help you awaken

to your heart's intuitive intelligence

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RADIANTE began with my own journey back to balance and wellness after overcoming a path of self healing, crises, dramatic changes, and chronic health conditions.

I'd love to help you create positive transformation easily and effortlessly in all areas of your life. 

My name is Laura Sender, I'm a Quantum Awakening Guide, 24Dimensional Lemurian Lyran Healer, an Advanced Certified ThetaHealing® practitioner, energy intuitive and founder of Radiante Healing.

Major life crises taught me how distorted energy affects our life, our health, all our relationships including money.
How distorted light affects all our lives.
Because everything in this Multiverse is Energy, Frequency, Vibration and Magnetics
I firmly believe we can overcome absolutely all obstacles with the desire, perseverance, the right energy tools and beliefs. 
We can accomplish anything we set our mind to. We can make the impossible, possible. 
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Most of my clients share patterns 
of making the I'mpossible Possible

Some feel curious, some seek deep answers to deep questions like their life purpose, work and financial negative patterns, painful relationships or health challenges.

Most wish to understand negative life experiences want to find solutions and a way forward.

They may have given up from the conventional allopathic medical system, keep seeking answers and solutions yet they never give up on their desire to heal from seemingly ''incurable illnesses'', to change seemingly impossible circumstances. They all have a deep yearning for a healthier, greater, happier more abundant fulfilling life.


Passionate in helping inquisitive souls expand their consciousness, energy based models of healing and integrative 

traditional oriental medicine that seek harmony, balance and coherence.

Based in Dubai, I travel internationally 

helping conscious souls heal with Undistorted Light.


I help to reconnect with the innate wisdom of their hearts, reconnect with the energy of the Earth and all Creation.

Heal deeply at all levels their invisible wounds and consciously create the life that they have always wanted, wished for and desired.

A Higher dimensional Life.

Are you ready for endless possibilities?

    "Your Soul is asking you to ponder, to contemplate on your journey, asking you to heal deeper,
to elevate, to transcend beyond what happened.

Asking you to expand and see the blessing of each new day, and like a flower in bloom, gracefully to let go of what and who no longer serves you.

To honor your energy daily, to get the lesson, to master your thoughts and emotions, to forgive yourself and others.

To love yourself and others unconditionally; to trust and remember you have always been Divinely Guided.

To honor your body, mind, essence and the sacredness of all life in order to radiate your virtues and your light to the world.

Your Soul knows we briefly come to master this 3D human experience,
in order to reunite with our Creator Divine Infinite Source, as eternal beings of Peace, Love and Undistorted Light."
 Laura Sender

Grateful for the love and praise

Laura has a profound natural wisdom and intuition that enables her to access the energy needed for the highest form of healing. Her approach is very gentle and loving. Her insight into the work she does is very deep, she goes to the heart of the situation and brings amazing healing transformations with ease and in no time''

Faiza, Dubai, UAE

I have been very fortunate to cross paths with Laura. Laura is a very wise and special person. She is intuitive, generous, caring, sweet and kind. She is a powerful healer. It's been an honor working with her, her knowledge and capabilities are incredible. I'm deeply grateful for all she's done for me. I was able to  witness a miracle allowing all my family to gain inner peace. She radiates peace and light with her entire being"

Marta, Dubai, UAE

Laura's work helped me to realize that it was possible to change my reality and achieve my dreams and wishes. I was very sad and depressed because I managed to end a toxic love relationship. Laura in just two sessions, in person and remotely, helped me connect with my feminine energy, clear my deepest fears and identify my blockages and subconscious beliefs and I understood how I was attracting  abusive, toxic relationships by changing them to positive beliefs and feelings, which today are reflected in my life.  I felt certain that I can successfully pursue my dreams, I have learned how to love myself and I know that there is a right person in this world destined for me."

Vanessa, Houston, Texas, USA

I love to witness your healing and create

  balance in all areas of your life

 Close To My Heart

Advanced Certified Theta Healing®Practitioner

ThetaHealing® Basic DNA     

ThetaHealing® Advanced DNA 

ThetaHealing® Dig Deeper 

ThetaHealing® DNA3           

ThetaHealing® Family Ties 

ThetaHealing® Soulmate 

ThetaHealing® Growing Your Relationships  1

ThetaHealing® Growing Your Relationships  2

ThetaHealing® Growing Your Relationships  3

ThetaHealing® Growing Your Relationships  4

ThetaHealing® Free Yourself From Addictions, Attachments and Vows 

ThetaHealing® Forgiveness, Love and Power 

ThetaHealing® Intuitive Anatomy         

ThetaHealing® Disease and Disorder  

ThetaHealing® World Relations

ThetaHealing® Manifesting and Abundance

ThetaHealing® Game of Life

ThetaHealing® Rhythm - Weight Liberation 
ThetaHealing® Planes of Existence 

Authentic Leadership Program - under Judith Bell, Rewire Leadership Institute® Novato, CA, USA

NLP program - Positive Mental Attitude, The Human Mind Model, Advancement of Human Potential

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