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 Healing Hearts is an energy healing retreat to beautiful breathtaking destinations where you will free yourself from negative emotional patterns, genetic programs and create the life that you love, the life of your dreams.

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Dubai, UAE

December 12 to 18, 2021

Healing Hearts

Awakening to Abundance, Transformation and Miracles 

Dubai is the creative and innovative energy center of the Arabian peninsula. Its holistic healing practices, herbal traditions, and stunning nature, will help you reflect and reconnect to the beautiful healing energy. Discover its serene natural oasis of tranquility as magnificent contrast to the state of the art magnificent architectural creations. Connect to the holistic traditions and energy of creative wonder of Arabia.

Are you struggling with creating or retaining wealth? Do you find yourself recreating negative patterns around money and finances?  acting out in ways that don’t serve you, engaging in financial relationships that never seem to work.

Discover the emotional reactions and beliefs you have adopted to protect yourself from pain. Release all limiting patterns and beliefs holding you back from experiencing the abundance you are worthy of and deserve as your birthright. 

Shed layers of negative emotions and beliefs around wealth and money that no longer serve you, easily and effortlessly to create the most generous and abundant relationship with yourself first and manifest the abundance that you deserve and desire in your life. 

Only uncovering the origin of our heart walls we transform them into portals of endless possibilities.

Healing Hearts Program

Open up your heart to its natural state of abundance, love and bliss

Image by Ali Arif Soydaş

Healing Hearts Retreat


Day 1

Welcome and Intention setting ceremony: Relax and unwind. Settle into your private accommodation, explore the beautiful property or enjoy a refreshing dip in the pool. 


Allow yourself to enter into a relaxed state where you will set your intention for the retreat.

The group will be divided for their 1 on 1 Theta healing sessions - during which time

other retreat participants will have free time to explore, lounge and pool time. 


We will then have a one on one soul coaching Theta Healing session, energetic scan, deep introspection of the root causes of your imbalance, releasing ancestral and 

genetic patterns, subconscious self sabotaging blocks and transmuting the old energy into energy of unconditional love, abundance and bliss.


Walking you through the session, discussing the shifts experienced, emotional blocks released, or cellular memories and programs that present themselves in your physical body and in your life.


You will understand how these have been serving you, once consciously acknowledged to be released and 

transmuted. Energy clearing, healing and downloads.

Image by Arne Smith

Day 2

Daily Meditation and creative visualization

  • Connect to the 7th Plane energy

  • Create your day - Setting Daily intent

  • Intuition activation - Heart Coherence

  • Balance your chi energy - yin / yang - male / female

  • Hormone balancing: from hormones of stress to bliss

  • Aura Cleansing 

  • Chakra balancing and activating

  • Regenerative HPA - Vagus activation correct breathing

  • Heart retrieval and healing - the role of negative emotions

  • Releasing Fears


Day 3

Morning Meditation and creative visualization

  • Create your day - Setting daily intent

  • Connect to the 7th Plane energy

  • Intuition activation - Heart Coherence

  • Healing the pain body

  • From fear to love - Heart brain communication

  • Soul Retrieval

  • Shame, guilt, resentment and regret

  • blockages, beliefs, or negative emotions that need to be released. 

  • Shift your vibration  - Heart energy

Image by Nathan John

Day 4

Morning Meditation and creative visualization


  • Connect to the 7th Plane energy

  • Create your day - Setting Daily intent

  • Intuition activation - Heart Coherence

  • Detachment and Letting go

  • Self Love Self worth

  • Liberate all offenses from your past

  • Liberate archetype wounds

  • Love and Compassion

  • Personal Power: Unconditional Love is the pathway

Image by Rumman Amin

Day 5

Morning Meditation and creative visualization


  • Connect to the 7th Plane energy

  • Create your day - Setting Daily intent

  • Intuition activation - Heart Coherence

  • Forgiveness exercise 

  • Compassion and miracles

  • Heart Coherence and Activation

  • DNA Activation

  • Purposeful wealth

  • Abundance consciousness

Image by Marco Biasibetti

Day 6

Morning Meditation and creative visualization

  • Connect to the 7th Plane energy

  • Create your day - Setting your life intent

  • Intuition activation - Heart Coherence

  • Forgiveness exercise 

  • Heart Expansion and Radiance

  • Global heart coherence

  • Cosmic coherence

  • Life creation exercise

  • Abundance consciousness

What's included:

Six days of Theta Brainwave meditations and Theta Healing based program to free yourself from negative emotional reactions and genetic limiting  patterns holding you back from experiencing the abundance you are worthy of. Reprogram your mind and DNA to its original blueprint of abundance. Release and transmute negative energy and completely transform the way you think and feel about money – and yourself!

6 nights in 5 star deluxe private accomodation - with breakfast and 6 traditional arabic gourmet meals. Daily medicinal herbal teas and traditional snacks.

Radiante Bliss Crystals & Sacred Oils - programmed to assist you as a co-creator of your own reality, clear negative emotional and physical accumulations inhibiting your vital force, promote  harmony, balance & flow states, raise your frequency and vibrations to love, abundance & harmonious relationships.

What's not included:

Additional activities

Spa treatments & massages

Limited Spaces Available. Secure Yours


Abundance, Transformation and Miracles

December 12 to 18, 2021


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