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We can change limiting programs stored in the DNA and physical body 

Onyx - Inner peace

How is our first session?

We will discuss your desires, wishes and goals. Or, if you don't  know exactly what to work on, I will ask you, “If you could change anything in your life right now, what would it be?

Throughout the session you will be sitting in a relaxed position with your eyes closed, allowing you to go into a very relaxed theta brainwave.

This facilitates the work through the sub-conscious mind where our beliefs / feelings / programs are held. I will show you how muscle testing allows the body to reveal the negative programs stored.

It is important to be fully hydrated, this will allow your muscle testing to be clear and strong.

You can always expect to

  • ​be treated in a professional manner with complete confidentiality

  • feel deeply accepted with compassion

  • feel safe in a non-judgmental and loving environment 

  • feel the energy of unconditional love

  • sensations vary but overall feeling release, lighter and peaceful 

What is the objective of a session?


The ThetaHealing technique has been used to address a wide variety of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues.

I will show you how your programs are blocking you from creating the life that you want to live.


During our session we will be exploring those beliefs and how they have been serving you in your life. 


The Theta brainwave taps into the energy of Creation to transform the energy of the negative beliefs / feelings / life patters / programs into positive ones.

How do I prepare for my session?

Drink plenty of water, make sure you are well hydrated. 


Coming into the session with an intention of wanting positive change and being ready for positive change is very important.


It’s equally important to have a clear intent on what area of your life you want to change.

Can healing be done remotely?

Yes. Everything is energy, frequency, vibration and magnetics.


ThetaHealing sessions can be done in person, or over the phone by any means of communication. They're just as effective. We can connect through ZOOM or SIGNAL.


As Quantum Physics proves, distance is not a problem. Everything is connected.  


''The ailments of the body  are the words of the Soul, so you can not

cure the body without looking for the  cure of the Soul ''




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