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Love one another, but make not a bond of love: Let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls''


Khalil Gibran

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November 11 to 17 , 2021

Healing Hearts

A journey back to Love and Sacred Relationships

Healing Hearts is an energy healing retreat to exotic breathtaking destinations where you will free yourself from negative emotional patterns and create the life that you love, the life of your dreams.

Understand to see all relationships as sacred, not only your intimate one but your relationship with All. Humans, plants, animals, and the planet earth.


The most Sacred Relationship of all, is the relationship with yourself and your own Soul's journey.

Discover the emotional reactions and beliefs you have adopted to protect yourself from pain in relationships. Release all limiting patterns holding you back from experiencing the love you are worthy of and deserve as your birthright. 

Shed layers of negative emotions that no longer serve you, easily and effortlessly to create the most loving relationship with yourself and manifest the love that you deserve and desire.  

Only uncovering the origin of our heart walls we transform them into portals of endless possibilities.

Healing Hearts Program

Open up your heart to its natural state of abundance, love and bliss.

Image by Chris Ensey

Permanently change genetic beliefs, negative emotions and negative life patterns that no longer serve you

Healing Hearts Retreat

This occasion we travel to the South of Thailand and the Andaman Sea. To one of the most secluded beaches in the Island of Phuket.


Your Soul knows how to repel negative energies and draw clear boundaries.

You will learn to create healthy boundaries within your oneness and with others.


Being loving, does not mean being passive.


You are sovereign. You make the call. You say what feels right and what does not and no one can invalidate your feelings.


Learn to speak your highest truth and awaken to your intuitive intelligence, your virtues and your personal power.

The foundation of sacred relationships is to be authentic, true and sincere to yourself and thus to others.


Giving others that same opportunity and trusting their authenticity, integrity and sincerity.


Opening to one’s vulnerability as a personal power and strength, creating a new way of living with an open heart.  

Sacred Relationships entice to honor, listen and cherish one another, to develop conscious communication, cooperation, heart communion and mutual admiration. 

Image by Joanna Kosinska

Day 1

Welcome and Intention setting ceremony: Relax and unwind. 


Settle into your private accommodation, explore the beautiful property or enjoy a refreshing dip in the sea or in the pool. 


Allow yourself to enter into a relaxed state where you will set your intention for the retreat.

The group will be divided for their 1 to 1 Thetahealing sessions - during which time other retreat participants will have free time to explore, lounge and pool time. 


Private Soul guidance Thetahealing session.

Energetic scan, identify ancestral genetic patterns.


Walking you through the session, discussing the shifts experienced, emotional blocks released, or cellular memories that present themselves in your physical body and in your life.


You will understand how these have been serving you, once consciously acknowledged to be released and transmuted. Energy clearing, healing and downloads.

Image by Chris Ensey

Day 2

Morning creative visualization

  • Daily meditation

  • Connect to the 7th Plane energy

  • Create your day - Setting Daily intent

  • Intuition activation - Heart Coherence

  • Balance your energy -  male / female

  • Hormone balancing: from hormones of stress to bliss

  • Aura Cleansing 

  • Chakra balancing and activating

  • Balance Hypothalamus / Pituitary / Adrenal 

  • Vagus nerve activation correct breathing

  • Thymus gland activation

  • Energetic divorce

  • Soul fragment retrieval / genetic / ancestral

  • Sacred archetypes

Image by Joanna Kosinska

Day 3

Morning creative visualization

  • Daily meditation

  • Create your day - Setting daily intent

  • Connect to the 7th Plane energy

  • Intuition activation - Heart Coherence

  • Healing the astral body

  • From fear to love 

  • Soul healing - Heart Song Frequency

  • Shame, guilt, resentment and regret

  • Release drama, trauma, heart break patterns

  • blockages, beliefs, or negative emotions that need to be released. 

  • Shift your vibration  - Heart energy

  • Soul lessons

Image by Chris Ensey

Day 4

Morning creative visualization

  • Daily meditation

  • Connect to the 7th Plane energy

  • Create your day - Setting Daily intent

  • Intuition activation - Heart Coherence

  • Detachment and Letting go

  • Self Love Self worth

  • Liberate all offenses from your past

  • Liberate archetype wounds

  • Love and Compassion

  • Personal Power: Unconditional Love is the pathway

  • Divine most compatible soulmate

Image by Joanna Kosinska

Day 5

Morning creative visualization

  • Daily meditation

  • Connect to the 7th Plane energy

  • Create your day - Setting yearly intent

  • Intuition activation - Heart Coherence

  • Forgiveness exercise 

  • Heart expansion - compassion and miracles

  • Heart Coherence and Activation

  • DNA Activation

  • Living from the heart - Intuitive guidance

Image by Chris Ensey

Day 6

Morning creative visualization


  • Daily meditation

  • Connect to the 7th Plane energy

  • Create your day - Setting your life intent

  • Intuition activation - Heart Coherence

  • Forgiveness exercise 

  • Heart Expansion and Radiance

  • Global heart coherence

  • Calling in your most compatible  Divine Soulmate

  • Cosmic coherence

  • Life creation exercise

Your Soul is asking you contemplate on your journey, asking you to heal deeper,

to elevate, to transcend beyond what happened.

Asking you to see the blessing of each new day, and like a flower in bloom, gracefully to let go of what and who no longer serves you; to honor your energy daily, to get the lesson, to master your thoughts and emotions, to forgive yourself and others, to love yourself and others unconditionally; to trust and remember you have always been Divinely Guided. To honor your body, mind, essence and all life in order to radiate your virtues and your light to the world.

Your Soul knows we briefly come to master this human experience,

in order to reunite with our Creator as eternal beings of peace, love and light."

Laura Sender

What's included:

Six days of Theta Brainwave meditations and ThetaHealing Hearts based program to free yourself from negative emotional reactions and genetic limiting  patterns holding you back from experiencing the Sacred relationships you are worthy of. Reprogram your mind and DNA to its original blueprint. Release and transmute negative energy to transform the way you think and feel about love, relationships and yourself!

6 nights in private exquisite accomodation - with breakfast

Radiante Bliss Crystals - programmed to assist you as a co-creator of your own reality, clear negative emotional and physical accumulations inhibiting your vital force, promote harmony, balance & flow states, raise your frequency and vibrations to love, abundance & harmonious relationships

Transfers to & from venue

What's not included:


Spa treatments

Activities ( kayaking, snorkelling. island hoping, Thai silk painting, Muay Thai, Thai cooking class )

Limited Spaces Available. Secure Yours


Sacred Relationships

November 11 to 17 , 2021

Create The Life You Love!

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