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The power of love

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

Self Love is a conscious decision, a choice, a daily practice and a daily habit. Self Love is a journey we consciously decide to embark on with the destination being deep transformative healing and manifesting miracles in our day to day lives. It requires dedication, steadfastness and courage. We haven't learned this at school or heard our mothers and fathers ever mention it. We must teach our children the power of self love by our own actions.

A new paradigm is upon us, and it's unstoppable. A paradigm where we know that being in a continuous sacred communication with our 50,000 trillion cells that make up our being, creates not just wellness, but it ensures that the sacred intelligence governing these processes at a cellular level is in perfect flow and harmony.

Allowing unconditional love to resonate in every cell of our being allowing our DNA to radiate the light it was divinely designed to shine.

Driven by the spirit of discovery and curiosity, have the courage to step aside from the illusion of the world, embrace the unified consciousness in all creation and step into the world of self love, self worth, self healing and self mastery. The art of self love and self healing is equated to self renewal and continuous self creation.

We are living very exciting times, where can consciously recreate our life, we have with every new day a brand new opportunity to create the love we want, create the life we want, create the health and longevity we want, to create the relationships we want, to create the situations we desire and to practice self love as an act of spiritual upliftment, with grace and gratitude for having the blessings of knowledge and information readily available.

The human heart has the most powerful electromagnetic field, and it is with this magnificent field we become powerful co creators. The human heart is approximately 60 times greater electrically and up to 5,000 times stronger magnetically than the brain. A new day is a new beginning. A new opportunity to create a new life and to apply this knowledge of creating consciously through the power of the heart, the power of love.

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