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The ThetaHealing® technique is best described as an attainable miracle for your life.

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Dis-create dis-ease and create homeostasis, coherence and radiant health.

Release blocks and patterns that create dis-harmony.

Activate your original DNA to reprogram perfect health.

Learn to authentically love yourself to attract and create more authentic loving relationships in your life. Release limiting beliefs and feelings about your relationship with yourself, family, soulmates, coworkers.

Feeling stuck, not yourself, facing obstacles to your goals and growth?

Create alignment with your purpose, path and direction in life.

Release patterns that create challenges and obstacles.

Connect to your innate intuitive intelligence. 

Discover your Divine Timing.

Create an abundance mindset, manifesting and increasing prosperity. 

Release limiting beliefs and feelings about your relationship with money.

Clear your resistance and subconscious and ancestral self-sabotaging beliefs, allowing the energy of abundance to flow easily and effortlessly.


Overcome Obstacles  Heal Your Body  Reach Any Goal 

We believe the Theta brainwave helps us develop our intuitive intelligence tapping into the highest consciousness and energy of creation. What science considers the Divine Field of Universal Intelligence, Unified Field of Source Energy, Universal Life Force Energy or The Quantum Field. 


These are all terms that leading edge science uses to describe The Creator Of All That Exists. It is every individual's birthright to access this Seventh plane energy of Universal Divine Intelligence we call The Creator of All That Is. 

The physical, mental, emotional & spiritual benefits of accessing the Theta Brainwave include:

  • Reduction anxiety and cortisol - Stress hormones

  • Facilitates a deep physical, mental & emotional relaxation


  • Greater mental focus & clarity


  • Improves Immune and cellular function

  • Whole brain synchronization & regeneration 


  • Reduces pain & inflammation


  • Stimulates Endorphin release - Happy hormones

  • Release of HGH and anti aging hormone DHEA - Longevity molecule

  • Boosts Serotonin production - Happiness neurotransmitter

  • Boosts GABA neurotransmitter - Calmness chemical ends anxiety & addictions

  • Increases production of melatonin - Sleep molecule 

  • Generation and regeneration of cells, stem cells, and lengthening telomeres


  • Spontaneous remission of dis-ease

  • Access higher states of consciousness 

  • Heal transgenerational trauma

Subconscious Programs: Levels of Beliefs 

We have four levels of subconscious beliefs. We believe we can change subconscious programs all at once, by going to the root cause of what created the program. We can reprogram ourselves for health and success.

  • Core ( 0 - 6 years )

  • Genetic ( gestational programs - our parents )

  • History ( more than 7 generations )

  • Soul ( more than 14 generations )

We identify your limiting beliefs through muscle testing, which is information stored in our body. Then with your permission, we easily and permanently change them to positive and empowering ones.

Our beliefs, feelings, emotions and unprocessed life experiences impact us on our day to day lives in ways we don't realise.

The stress response then biochemically  manifests as physical, mental or emotional dis-eases, disorders, blocks, fears, phobias or addictions.

I witness the biochemical, energetic and genomic changes in the body at the cellular level, The Creator of All That Is, doing the actual healing in accordance to our body's intelligence.

 Quantum is Instant Healing at the Cellular level

  • All matter in the Universe has both particle and wave-like properties.

  • The observer effect

  • The uncertainty principle

  • Quantum superposition

  • Quantum coherence

  • Quantum entanglement

DNA Activation: Quantum Healing

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